Anastasia Sakarai, born in South Africa, comes from a long line of painters and musicians and thus, was exposed to various facets of art early on in her life. Subsequently, this creative and stimulating environment is what drove her to explore the world of art at a very young age and ultimately, allowed Anastasia to find her passion and love for painting. Early in her toddler years, Anastasia relocated to Zurich, Switzerland where she later had the privilege to work with a well-known Swiss art merchant, a job that enabled her to meet many artists and further expand her artistic horizon. Through the impressions and experiences generated by her extensive travels to countries like India or Brazil, Anastasia learned about the establishment of art periods in numerous cultures and the formation of distinct characteristics and artistic techniques, which greatly influenced the development of her unique artistic identity. Also contributing to the development of her artistic identity, Anastasia engaged in a diverse spectrum of workshops where she was able to collaborate with other painters like her to create marvelous pieces of art. Notably, Anastasia Sakarai successfully captures and conveys the beauty and harmony of earth’s nature in every piece of work by using vivid colors, a wide array of painting techniques, and an exceptional attention to detail.

When examining the mature work of the artist, it becomes evident that her paintings neither represent a specific art period nor artistic style, but rather convey her artistic growth in relation to new experiences and impressions. In light of Anastasia’s path to attaining her personal artistic identity, it is undeniable that the artist is endowed with a unique perspective on creating impressive and rare pieces of art that not only reflect her multicultural personality and immense knowledge about various aspects of art, but also convey her immeasurable talent and endless passion for painting. Henceforth, the only thing left for you to do is to rediscover your love for earth’s nature with Anastasia Sakarai’s collection of uniquely beautiful paintings. Credit to author Cheyenne Cosman